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Effective Project Management - Eighth Edition

By : Robert K. Wysocki
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Effective Project Management - Eighth Edition

By: Robert K. Wysocki

Overview of this book

There are so many things that can fail in a project. Failure to complete on time or maybe failure to stay under budget. Many projects fail to deliver a viable product that satisfies the needs of the customer. These and a multitude of other failures are usually the results of poor project management. Although there are many methods for managing projects, most are inadequately understood. Effective Project Management, Eighth Edition will teach you to use the most up-to-date tools and methods for project management. The book begins by explaining the project management landscape by answering questions, such as ‘what is a project’ and ‘what is a collaborative project team’. Then you’ll learn about traditional project management and its fundamentals as most would understand it from casual conversations and experiences. The final chapters give an in?depth presentation of the contemporary world of project management and five PMLC models, including hybrid project management. By the end of the book, you’ll have learned several techniques and best practices to successfully manage your project and avoid pitfalls.
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EPM8e is a courageous step into the unknown for me. I hope you will continue to join me in this exciting journey! I'm feeling a state of euphoria as I have the opportunity to transform a great book into an even greater book. I have built a professional relationship with so many of you over the past 25 years and want to continue serving your needs for many years to come. Please join me in this journey.

The few constraints that were placed on me are now lifted and I am free to choose my own destiny. With this 8th edition I think I finally have arrived at a comprehensive and practical tool for faculty, trainer, student, and practitioner. That in itself is a major accomplishment given the different needs of these markets. I have been very fortunate to produce a product that works well in the higher education market and simultaneously in the professional market. I thank all of my readers who have traveled this road with me. Their support and advice have been immensely valuable. And so, I am hopeful that I have maintained the product to your satisfaction.

All seven of the previous editions have been successful and have grown in value from the feedback I have received from those who have shared their comments. I owe that to over 400 faculty worldwide who are using my books as well as the practitioners who are using it in their consulting and training practices. Effective Project Management has successfully been branded. Both markets have been overwhelmingly supportive of my practical and easy‐to‐read format. Several of you have been with me for all seven editions! The 8th edition will carry forward with all of the features and teaching support tools of its past editions. Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Hybrid, 8th Edition (EPM8e) will continue to meet the needs of higher education and the professional markets.

Even after this 8th edition goes to press I still view EPM8e as a work in progress. As I and my readers gain further experience with its use and as I hear about the experiences of clients, trainers, faculty, and project management professionals, the work will undoubtedly improve. You might say that the development of EPM8e and its successor editions is an Agile project. The goal is to produce a perfectly intuitive and commonsense approach to project management.

EPM8e incorporates several changes. The first is a new topic—Hybrid Project Management. Chapter 14 is devoted to this topic. Recent research findings suggest that there is more use of “Do It Yourself” approaches than there is the use of conventional models. These approaches seem to be based on three related factors:

  • The physical and behavioral characteristics of the project
  • The organizational environment in which the project will be conducted
  • The dynamic situation of the marketplace of the project deliverables

From the cover you can see that Hybrid Project Management is somehow a derivative of Traditional, Agile, and Extreme Project Management. These have been the cornerstones of my framework for many years now. With the addition of Hybrid Project Management, they are that and more! There is no defined body of knowledge for Hybrid Project Management. Research has shown that it is reflective of actual practice rather than predefined process. EPM8e will take the lead in developing that definition!

The second is also a new topic—the Collaborative Project Team. We understand the implication here but EPM8e will take it one step further and talk about the processes and practices that can facilitate Collaborative Project Management.

The training and higher education market has been a strong market for EPM. In response to numerous requests from trainers and teaching faculty for a slide presentation, I have continued that offering on my website (accessible at That slide presentation is a cradle‐to‐grave mirror image of the text. These are the very same slides that I would use when teaching or training using EPM8e. You can use it right out of the box to teach EPM, or you might want to modify it to fit your specific needs.

The professional reference market has been equally strong. In response to numerous requests from practicing professionals I have expanded the coverage of contemporary approaches to project management.

My clients have been a constant source of input. Their guidance has been invaluable to me. From them I have learned about implementation experiences and ways to improve my presentation of the processes and practices of contemporary project management.

Thank you again for adding my book to your project management library. If you have any questions or would just like to comment, please let me hear from you at [email protected]. You have my promise that I will quickly respond personally to each and every communiqué.


Robert K. Wysocki, Ph.D.

Founder and President

EII Publications