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Ext JS 4 Plugin and Extension Development

By : Abdullah Al Mohammad
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Ext JS 4 Plugin and Extension Development

By: Abdullah Al Mohammad

Overview of this book

Ext JS is a pure JavaScript application framework for building interactive web applications using techniques such as Ajax, DHTML, and DOM scripting. Ext JS 4 Plugin and Extension Development is a practical, step-by-step tutorial which guides you to learn and develop ExtJS plugins and extensions. There are a lot of examples with explanations and plenty of code provided to make it easier and quicker to pick up. Starting with the fundamentals, this book introduces some of the ExtJS library and community provided plugins and extensions and finishes with several hands-on, real world development examples. You will get a clear concept of ExtJS plugins and extensions and learn how to use them. You will also learn how to develop an ExtJS plugin and extension by going through several examples with code and screenshots. Ext JS 4 Plugin and Extension Development book will provide you with the knowledge to develop ExtJS plugins and extensions using real-life examples.
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Ext JS 4 Plugin and Extension Development
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The CheckColumn extension

Ext.ux.CheckColumn is an extension of Ext.grid.column.Column that renders a checkbox in each column cell. This checkbox toggles the truthiness of the associated data field on a click. In addition to toggling a Boolean value within the record data, this class adds or removes a CSS class x-grid-checked, on the <td> element based on whether or not it is checked to alter the background image used for a column.

Here in the following code we are defining a grid class in which we are using the CheckColumn extension to provide a checkbox within each cell of a column:

Ext.define('Examples.view.checkcolumn.CheckColumnGrid', {
  extend : 'Ext.grid.Panel',
  alias : 'widget.checkcolumngrid',
  requires : ['',

  constructor : function(config) {

    Ext.apply(this, {
      border : false,
      store : Ext.create(''),
      columns : [{
        header : 'Name',
        dataIndex : 'name...