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SAP HCM - A Complete Tutorial

By : Ganesh Karthik S
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SAP HCM - A Complete Tutorial

By: Ganesh Karthik S

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SAP HCM – A Complete Tutorial
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Building an ad hoc query using the SQ01 transaction code

The following steps need to be performed in order to build an ad hoc query:

  • Create a user group using the SQ03 TCD. The prerequisite for building a query is the user group.

  • Second, we create an infoset using the SQ02 TCD.

  • Finally, we create a query using the SQ01 TCD.

Steps for creating the user group

The user group is a 12-character long code; SAP recommends that you use any special characters, numeric code, or characters to define the user group. There are four options available to choose from. They are as follows:

  • Create

  • Change

  • Display

  • Description

The Create option is used to define the name of the user group, as shown in the following screenshot. The user group is a twelve-character long code followed by its description.

We are attempting to create a user group by the name ZPACKT; we can also change the name created by clicking on Change. When trying to create a query, the system will prompt us to specify the package name where it...