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Interviewing Engineering Graduates

By : Connor S Riley
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Interviewing Engineering Graduates

By: Connor S Riley

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Chapter 4. Code Tests

One fairly specialized and increasingly common method of evaluating candidates is a code test. The employer decides on a small technical problem that a qualified candidate should be able to solve, and requires candidates to solve it before moving forward. These tests are interesting because the candidate works through them in their own time and submits the results to the employer.

This type of candidate evaluation is usually only used for software engineering or other programming-focused jobs, so this chapter will be applicable mostly to hiring for these types of positions. However, even if you're hiring for an engineer who won't do much programming, it might be useful to consider what administering these kinds of pre-interview evaluations might tell you.

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • How to write a good test that will tell you how qualified a candidate is

  • When in the hiring process to implement a code test

  • How to evaluate candidates' solutions to tests