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The Manager's Guide to Conducting Interviews

By : Stephen Walker
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The Manager's Guide to Conducting Interviews

By: Stephen Walker

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Table of Contents (9 chapters)

Observing the candidate

As a new manager, you are likely to be more nervous than an experienced one. In the interview, you have to manage the process, keep to time, and so on. You need to deliver information in mini speeches. To observe the candidate, you need to learn about the following things:

  • Misleading first impressions

  • How eye movements indicate thinking style

  • How body positions and movements can be read

You must be well versed in these tasks to leave you the thinking time to observe the candidate.



Think about learning to drive a car. In the beginning, there are so many things to remember to do. With practice, you learn how to drive without having to think about it.

First impression of the candidate

You are now seeing just how much is happening in the interview process. It is important that you continuously draw your thoughts together as you go through the interview to properly respond and direct your questions.

What is your first impression of the candidate?

  • Does the candidate appear...