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The Manager's Guide to Conducting Interviews

By : Stephen Walker
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The Manager's Guide to Conducting Interviews

By: Stephen Walker

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Review your candidate scores

Inexperienced interviewers have trouble with the calibration of their scoring. It is important you remember that you are making a comparative judgment, not an absolute one. The score sheet you are using will usually weight some skills more heavily than others: they are more important to the job performance. It is perfectly acceptable to choose a high scoring candidate overall who has a low scoring relatively minor skill.

You may remember in the Interview Simulator that I recommended mid-range scores particularly for the first candidate. You needed to avoid scoring a 10 when the next candidate might be even better! You need substantially justified reasons to score in the extremes. This will come with experience of interviewing. You just have to leave yourself some room to score above or below.

In this section, you will learn how to:

  • Tap into your intuition regarding the scores

  • Understand why your intuition is grumbling

  • Review your scores

  • Take your grumbling intuition...