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Running Effective Marketing Meetings

By : Daniel Kuperman
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Running Effective Marketing Meetings

By: Daniel Kuperman

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Meeting goals

Why is it important to understand the different meeting types? Because each one has its own goal or goals. And while at your company they may differ, typically the meeting types I just described will aim for the following:

Meeting type

Typical participants


Staff meeting

All marketing team

Get the team in sync about the status of various marketing activities, discuss priorities, and plan for the week ahead.

Status report meeting

Marketing manager or director and direct reports

Report on the status of a specific project, campaign, or task. Discuss roadblocks and provide updates on pending issues.

Planning meeting

Marketing leadership and marketing managers

Create marketing action plan for upcoming month/quarter/year.

Decision-making meeting

Marketing leader, marketing manager or campaign owner, and specific team members

Decide on a course of action. Could be related to a project, campaign, vendor, and so on.

Work meeting

Marketing team members

Collaborative work on a specific marketing project.

Evaluation and review

Marketing team or specific campaign members

Assess results of specific campaign or project, extract lessons learned, make necessary course corrections to the marketing plan.

Report meeting

Marketing leaders

Provide management, or other departments with the state of marketing, typically showing plan versus actual.

Sales meeting

Marketing leaders and specific team members when needed

Gain feedback from the sales team, announce campaigns, give relevant updates, and strengthen relationship with sales.

Offsite meeting

Marketing leadership or whole marketing team

Collaborate, brainstorm, or get meaningful work done outside the office.

Contractor meeting

Team member and specific contractor

Introduce, update, or otherwise continue relationship with contractor or vendor.

Agile meeting

Marketing team

Daily standup to provide report on what was done yesterday, what will be done today, and what obstacles stand in the way.

Understanding what you will want to get out of the meeting is the first step to being able to properly plan, execute, and follow-up on a meeting. If you are only a participant and not the organizer or leader of the meeting, then knowing what is expected of the meeting (why are we having this meeting?) will help you get prepared. Not all meeting organizers (as you probably have already experienced) are good meeting organizers. If you can become a better participant, then you can help the meeting be more effective, and then everyone wins.