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Running Effective Marketing Meetings

By : Daniel Kuperman
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Running Effective Marketing Meetings

By: Daniel Kuperman

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Rethinking the approach to meetings

Should meetings always be held in a conference room or someone's office? One way to get more out of meetings and make them effective is to rethink how you prepare for and conduct your meetings. The following sections contain some ideas that might help get more out of your marketing meetings.

Invite another department

Talking about the results of a campaign? Ask the CFO to join for a few minutes and share the costs associated with the campaign with the team, or ask the sales manager to join to give his view of the leads that were generated and what feedback the sales team has.

Make it a standing-only meeting

Instead of sitting down, make everyone stand up during the meeting. People are less likely to divert their attention from the topic at hand while standing and it makes for a more dynamic discussion. Agile marketing standup-meetings are named this way because everyone is supposed to be standing up while talking about what they've done and what they will...