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Running Effective Marketing Meetings

By : Daniel Kuperman
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Running Effective Marketing Meetings

By: Daniel Kuperman

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Marketing meetings as educational opportunities

Fun meetings are those you typically don't forget, or at least you don't regret having attended. Fun doesn't have to mean getting your team to have good laughs but rather a good time. One way of doing this and having meetings that people actually don't mind attending, is to make it educational. Make sure you don't make the meeting similar to a class at school, but if in every meeting that you host, the attendees actually learn something interesting, they will be more likely to pay attention and will want to attend your meetings. Some ideas are given in the following sections.

Start with a fact

At the beginning of the meeting, share some interesting fact about the company, a recent marketing campaign, or even an industry insight with the team. If the fact (could be a statistic, a quote, numerical results, charts, and so on) is connected to the meeting topic, the better it is.

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