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Practical Change Management for IT Projects

By : Emily Carr
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Practical Change Management for IT Projects

By: Emily Carr

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Practical Change Management for IT Projects
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Change Management and the project team

Change Management is an important driver of project success, but the Change Management team does not operate in a box on its own.

Most IT projects have four main teams:

  • The Project Management team, who focus on running the project

  • The Functional teams, who work on the business side of the project

  • The Technical team, who work on the technical aspects of the computer system

  • The Change Management team, who work with the people side of the project

For the project to be successful, all four teams must work together. No team can function as a silo. Many projects will show the relationship between the teams in the following way:

The traditional view of project teams has the sub-teams working in silos

The preceding figure suggests that the functional and technical teams are in their own silos, with the Change Management and project management teams working separately across them.

However, I believe that the project team is more accurately represented like the following

All of the sub-teams on a project team should be integrated to deliver success

The preceding figure shows integration among all four teams. Each one influences the activities of the others and none can successfully work on their own.