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Practical Change Management for IT Projects

By : Emily Carr
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Practical Change Management for IT Projects

By: Emily Carr

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Practical Change Management for IT Projects
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How will your run team be structured?

While you are implementing the project, you will have a project team that is responsible for planning, developing, and rolling out the change. What happens when the project is over? Who becomes the ongoing owner of the new processes and tools?

The ongoing owner is known as your run team, and the earlier you begin planning for this team, the better. If you're implementing a new computer system, your run team will be responsible for things such as system maintenance, deciding when to put in place upgrades, and reviewing the need for customizations as the organization's needs change. The run team can also be responsible for non-technical activities such as updating business processes, standard operating procedures, and training documentation if the system changes. Other responsibilities might include maintaining ongoing relations with the software vendor and regulating system access and security.

You may choose to build your run team from existing employees...