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Practical Change Management for IT Projects

By : Emily Carr
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Practical Change Management for IT Projects

By: Emily Carr

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Practical Change Management for IT Projects
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Super users

Super users are a subset of the change agents. They have all of the same characteristics and perform all of the same activities as change agents, in addition to those listed below.



If you are rolling out the change to an organization that is large or geographically diverse, you are likely to lean heavily on your super users.

They will be the local face of the project, and will be responsible for delivering a number of major project activities. Therefore, it is especially important that you choose your super users carefully.

In addition, because you are asking for a larger percentage of their time than any other sponsorship group, you must ensure that they are able to make an ongoing commitment to being a super user. Ensure that their managers approve of them taking on this role and are willing to support them to fulfill their new responsibilities.

Their role

Super users are members of the end user community who are not on the project team, but who will help to support the...