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Practical Change Management for IT Projects

By : Emily Carr
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Practical Change Management for IT Projects

By: Emily Carr

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Practical Change Management for IT Projects
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Understanding the stages of change

For each stage, we will look at a description of the stage, as well as the desired behavior that people should demonstrate in that stage. I have also included the exit criteria for each stage. This is the behavior the stakeholders should be exhibiting before they are ready to move to the next stage of the change curve.



Remember that different stakeholder groups will move through the stages of change at different times. For example, you should certainly expect that your executive sponsors would be at a more advanced stage than the average end user.


Your stakeholders will start in the unaware stage. In this stage, they have little or no knowledge about the change that is being implemented. This is to be expected because at this point, you have not yet started to communicate the change.


At the beginning of this phase, stakeholders are still walking around in the happy glow of the status quo. They may suspect that a change will come...