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Practical Change Management for IT Projects

By : Emily Carr
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Practical Change Management for IT Projects

By: Emily Carr

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Practical Change Management for IT Projects
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Breaking through the noise

The previous example brings us to an issue that many change projects face: breaking through the "noise" of too much communication. If the average employee spends each day sorting through dozens of e-mails, a handful of voicemails, hours of meetings, and quick updates in the hall. How do you get them to pay attention to your communication?

We already talked about one method in Chapter 2, Establishing the Framework for Change:

Remember to partner Corporate Communications and other project teams to coordinate the timing of communication. Try to stagger communication on different topics so that recipients can focus on one set of messages at a time.

Another tip comes from Chapter 3, Building Sponsorship for the Change:



Utilize your sponsors. Your audience is more likely to pay attention to a message coming from someone they personally know and respect, than they are to a communication sent from someone they don't know or a generic project communications e-mail...