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The Manager's Guide to Mediating Conflict

By : Alison J Love
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The Manager's Guide to Mediating Conflict

By: Alison J Love

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Establish trust and rapport

Rapport is about establishing a connection with people. In the context of mediation, it is important because if you can establish rapport, the parties are far more likely to feel that they can trust you and so be more open and honest. In addition, they are more likely to feel that they have they have been understood.

What is rapport?

One definition of rapport is as follows:

An emotional bond or friendly relationship between people based on mutual liking, trust, and a sense that they understand and share each other's concerns.

So, how do you establish rapport?

Rapport is established when there is some common connection and an alignment of body language and communication style. Most of us do this without thinking and we naturally adopt a different language when we are with people we know well. Next time you are with a group of close friends, look to see whether the group adopts similar postures and language.

The following are tips to follow in the context of mediation...