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The Manager's Guide to Mediating Conflict

By : Alison J Love
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The Manager's Guide to Mediating Conflict

By: Alison J Love

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Positive reframing

Positive reframing is a fantastic tool. Positive reframing is where the mediator restates a party's statements or points of view in more neutral or positive language but without changing the meaning. Restating helps parties to appreciate that you have listened and understood them, but when restated in more neutral terms, it can encourage them to appreciate how others may view things. It also shifts the focus from the person to the behavior concerned.

Positive reframing may also help to identify the gap that exists between the two opposing viewpoints and identify the issue that needs to be resolved. This can help to focus on what needs to be done to find a solution.

Examples of statements and positive reframing are shown in the following table:


Positive restatement

He never listens to anything I say.

It is important to you that he understands what you are saying.

She is so stupid, I have told her a million times how to do it.

It is necessary to find a way...