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The Manager's Guide to Mediating Conflict

By : Alison J Love
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The Manager's Guide to Mediating Conflict

By: Alison J Love

Overview of this book

Table of Contents (10 chapters)

Do's and don'ts

As a summary, here is what I hope will be a useful list of do's and don'ts. Many of these are things that I have found helpful or learned along the way during my experience as a mediator.



Manage and control the parties

Prefer one parties' position to the other

Remain neutral and impartial

Make stereotypical assumptions about the parties

Offer a number of possible options or solutions for the parties to consider

Suggest a particular solution or encourage the parties towards a particular outcome

Listen empathetically and with your full attention

Assume that you can see the solution, as your assumption is likely to be wrong and the solution is for the parties to determine

Build rapport and trust

Don't get drawn in and take the conflict on your own shoulders

Positively reframe and summarize

Become sympathetic or antipathetic

Ask challenging questions of the parties in a non-judgmental way

Divulge anything to either party without the consent of the...