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Gamification for Employee Engagement

By : Akila Narayanan
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Gamification for Employee Engagement

By: Akila Narayanan

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Gamification for Employee Engagement
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Gamification and organizational management

There is a continuum of management levels within an organization that can be broadly classified as strategic, tactical, and operational management. Gamification has to be approached more from a strategic viewpoint and interleaved into the business processes so that it functions as an effective catalyst at the tactical and operational levels.

A typical enterprise comprises of business units that may include:

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • Finance

  • Administration

  • Research and Development (R&D)

  • Training

  • Contact Center

  • Information Technology

Each of the business units has well-defined business processes listing the series of tasks and activities performed to produce a specific outcome.

Gamification can be put into action in each of these business units and used to address a few of the following scenarios:

  • A new process replaces a traditional process, and there is a challenge faced with change management, or in gathering initial momentum, or adoption from...