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Gamification for Employee Engagement

By : Akila Narayanan
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Gamification for Employee Engagement

By: Akila Narayanan

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Gamification for Employee Engagement
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Understanding design thinking

While, traditionally, we are used to analytical thinking that involves solving problems for the given context through deductive reasoning, design thinking goes a step beyond this by designing systems intuitively with a human touch. According to Wikipedia's definition

As a style of thinking, design thinking is generally considered the ability to combine empathy for the context of a problem, creativity in the generation of insights and solutions, and rationality to analyze and fit solutions to the context.

Design thinking is a perfect blend of creativity and logic. Again, just like gamification, this is not a newfound concept. Quoting one of the earliest examples, you might be aware that Edison was neither the first nor the only scientist to research on incandescent electric lamps; there were many others. Edison zeroed in on a high resistance system that would require far less electrical power compared to what was commonly used for the arc lamps rendering it suitable...