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Gamification for Employee Engagement

By : Akila Narayanan
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Gamification for Employee Engagement

By: Akila Narayanan

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Gamification for Employee Engagement
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Sustaining outcomes

Rewards and recognition programs commonly prevail at workplace to motivate the workforce. No wonder rewards have become a straightforward means to sustain end user engagement in a gamification system.

While rewards can be broadly classified as tangibles and intangibles, a good gamification system should excite the user by providing a value that is perceived as most important to them.

Any incentive that is provided to the employee can be broadly grouped into four categories:

  • Status: Status refers to relative position of oneself with respect to others. A generic example could be the soldiers or sportsmen winning the badge of honor for their achievements. In the gamification context, badges and the leaderboard typically constitute the status that the employees can exhibit proudly. Status lends itself very close to gamification since it instills a sense of pride amidst the community and accelerates engagement.

  • Access: Access provides the users with an exclusive opportunity...