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Gamification for Employee Engagement

By : Akila Narayanan
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Gamification for Employee Engagement

By: Akila Narayanan

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Gamification for Employee Engagement
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Thanks to one and all at Impackt Publishing for having given me this maiden opportunity. The entire crew behind the scenes deserves fullest credits for their fantastic work and support.

Thanks to my parents Sumathi and Narayanan, for being my life support system. Whatever I am today, I owe it all to you.

Thanks to my role model and friend Anuradha Sundararajan, for being an eternal source of inspiration. You made all the difference in my life.

Thanks to my best friend Deepa Manjari Sampathrao, for being the best. I know you will stand by me, no matter what.

Thanks to my batch mates Kumaravel Manickam Kandan and Raam Vaidyanathan, for being there, always. I cherish your friendship a lot.

Thanks to Raveendran N in whose small firm I learnt to crawl as a professional, and Mohan Subramanian for referring me to a corporate organization.

Thanks to the thought leaders Ashok Kumar Jothimani, Sukumar Rajagopal, and Shyam Sundar Nagarajan, who have shaped, inspired, and influenced me respectively in the professional arena.

Thanks to Ashok, you led by example demonstrating the value of employee engagement. I developed a lot of professional traits by observing you in close quarters. In fact, you introduced me to blogging and that has done a world of good for me.

Thanks to Sukumar, you inspired me through illuminating blog posts, encouraged me with your thoughtful comments, nudged me the most to write a book, especially pointed out the value of non-fiction writing to me.

Thanks to Shyam, you introduced me to Whitepapers, imparted knowledge on the subject of gamification, made me feel valued for my contributions at the workplace, and rekindled the passion and much more.

Thanks to Kevin Werbach whose brilliant online course I attended on gamification through I recommend the course to each one of you interested in the subject.

Thanks to my blogging gurus Meenakshisankar M and Anbu Muppidathi and the entire blogging community of my current organization for their constant encouragement and support.

Thanks to my favorite boss Lakshmi Narasimhan Srinivasan and to all the other esteemed bosses and leads from whom I have learned the nuances of employee engagement. And thanks to all those friends, colleagues, relatives, and well-wishers whom I couldn't single out here but have helped me in one way or the other in my journey of life.

Thanks a bunch to God for bringing all these wonderful people into my lives. Special thanks to all those wonderful readers, who would be buying (hopefully) or who would happen to read this book.