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Gamification for Employee Engagement

By : Akila Narayanan
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Gamification for Employee Engagement

By: Akila Narayanan

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Gamification for Employee Engagement
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There are certain buzzwords that are more intriguing than the rest. Gamification is one such buzzword. This is not surprising as the origins are traced back to the world of games. It is quite amusing that the term is ambiguous for both novices and intellects. While novices misconstrue gamification as playing games, intellects brush it off as yet another variation of a loyalty or rewards program. But what is it, actually?

Of course there is some connection to games or a loyalty program.

Don't we get completely engrossed while playing games?

Don't we get motivated to undertake an activity to win incentives?

Gamification borrows these best practices and applies them in a non-game context to influence humans to behave in certain ways. But there's a lot more to it. Instead of focusing too much on confining the boundaries of gamification, we should approach it as a problem solving or motivational technique to accomplish desired outcomes. Anything that serves the purpose of influencing the user to behave in a desired manner joins the gamification club.

Exaggerating that thought a little further, I view gamification as a friend in need. It can be treated as a virtual companion, a coach, or a motivator that has a fair understanding about the operating context and the user. It helps the user overcome fatigue or anxiety and keeps the user engaged in pursuing activities that are for the common good. This presents significant opportunities for business enterprises to reinvent their engagement strategies when it concerns their employees, partners, or customers.

While there is a plethora of possibilities for enterprises, in this book we will be deliberating on driving employee engagement using gamification. As a gamification enthusiast, my intention is to take you through a journey where you can appreciate the applicability of gamification to solve specific problems that are faced by employers in workplace concerning employee engagement.

The concepts, methodologies, processes, and the techniques referred to in this book might not be entirely new. You will instead find an actionable approach to strategize, design, and implement an enterprise gamification system deploying these processes or techniques in the appropriate fashion. This book is written keeping in mind the present trends in the workplace that concern disengagement, specifically addressing the expectations of the millennial or new age workforce. I can certainly promise to serve you an assortment of ideas sprinkled with interesting correlations. Indeed, this book will ignite your minds to harness the power of gamification.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Employee Engagement and Gamification, will enable you to understand the changing expectations of the new age workforce and the causes behind employee disengagement in the workplace. We will further learn how gamification can act as a catalyst in driving engagement.

Chapter 2, Gamification in Action, will show you how to put gamification into action within varied business processes and achieve improved employee productivity, reduced employee turnover, improved sales performance, enhanced collaboration, and in turn improve quality of service to customers.

Chapter 3, Enterprise Gamification – Strategize, will teach you to devise a strategy aligning gamification with business objectives. It will enable you to understand the target audience behavior in order to deliver an engaging experience based on the user's needs and expectations.

Chapter 4, Enterprise Gamification – Design, will help you learn how to apply design thinking to gamification. You will learn the design thinking process of researching, ideating, prototyping, testing, and iterating over loops to gather end user feedback early in the life cycle.

Chapter 5, Enterprise Gamification – Implementation, will show you how to go about the implementation journey. We will study how to start small with a pilot implementation and ascertain the outcome from the pilot findings before eventually scaling to a full-blown implementation.

Chapter 6, Sustaining Outcomes and the Road Ahead, will show you how to sustain the outcomes and highlight on few adoption strategies. In this chapter, I have captured my viewpoint on what's in store with regards to the future of gamification in both the short and long term.

Who this book is for

This book is primarily targeted at those who are looking to engage a certain section of employees within an enterprise. Having said that, this book can be read by all professionals representing both the employer and the employee community as everyone has a part to play in creating a collaborative culture and sustaining engagement in the workplace. The topic applies commonly to all workforces irrespective of the industry they represent or the roles they play. The book has more references to the IT profession in the practical illustrations, as the author belongs to that breed. Preliminary knowledge on gamification would certainly help, but this is not a prerequisite as the book is written in a very simple fashion with practical illustrations explaining the fundamentals before diving deep.


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