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SignalR Real-time Application Cookbook

By : Roberto Vespa
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SignalR Real-time Application Cookbook

By: Roberto Vespa

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SignalR Real-time Application Cookbook
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Implementing a real-time map of flying airplanes

Maps have nowadays become more and more important as a visualization tool, and real-time information often has a geographic component that can be displayed on the maps. In this recipe, we'll illustrate how we could present a flight map that shows us a set of airplanes and follow their position while they're flying to their destinations. What's interesting about this example is the fact that the coordinates of the displayed objects are constantly changing, and we have to update them on the map as quickly as possible. The other interesting thing is that time is a main component of the problem here. The information does not get into our system driven by any user's activity, but by the changes in time of the state of some external component.

From SignalR's perspective, this is a very simple application, and to develop it, we'll just need the following features:

  • Calling the methods on a hub from the client

  • Triggering client-side callbacks from the...