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Prezi Essentials

By : Dominique Charlotte Sinclair
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Prezi Essentials

By: Dominique Charlotte Sinclair

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Sharing presentations

Inviting collaborators is not the only way to share your Prezi with your desired audience. You can also change the privacy level on your presentation and share it via a URL. There are four different levels of access, as shown in the following screenshot:

There are different grades of privacy and each grade has a different level of access. Hidden is the default option for a new presentation, but the four privacy options allow the following permissions:

  • Private: Only you can see the presentation. It is useful for drafts or confidential content.

  • Hidden: Only those you invite or share the link with can see the presentation. This should be used for confidential information that needs to be shared with a colleague, co-editor, or client.

  • Public: Anyone can see or search for the presentation. This could be used for promotional content.

  • Reusable: Anyone can see the presentation and take a copy of it to modify for their own use. This is useful if you want to share content more...