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Redmine Cookbook

By : Shamasis Bhattacharya
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Redmine Cookbook

By: Shamasis Bhattacharya

Overview of this book

In a variety of online project management tools, Redmine markets itself as offering flexibility. Choosing the right management tool can mean the difference between the success and failure of a project. Flexible project management tools bend themselves to fit your needs, whether that’s communication regarding a simple project, or collaboration, or more complex project methodology such as SCRUM, or an issue-code relationship, or the need of different methodology for your project. Whether you are project manager or system administrator, this book provides valuable recipes to get the best possible performance out of your team, organization, infrastructure, and Redmine itself. Through a series of carefully crafted recipes covering the nitty-gritty of Redmine, you’ll be guided through the installation of Redmine, as well as how to fine-tune and customize your Redmine installation. Finally, we walk you through integrating Redmine with other softwares and databases like Tortoise SVN and Visual Studio and troubleshooting Redmine.
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Redmine Cookbook
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Troubleshooting Apache installations

There are many tutorials available on the Internet, which are faulty or outdated. Apache version changes, Phusion Passenger changes (if used), underlying operating system changes, Ruby version, and so on. Any of these can cause Redmine to break or misbehave in some way.

How to do it…

We can group Apache problems into two groups:

  • Start-up problems (usually syntax error, or misconfigurations), preventing your Apache from normal startup

  • Runtime problems, and problems during Redmine startup via passenger or some other server if running as reverse proxy

To properly resolve your Apache problem, take the following steps:

  1. Review the message onscreen or in console:

  2. Review the logs (System logs, Passenger logs, Apache logs).

  3. If using Phusion Passenger, you can turn on the PassengerFriendlyErrorPages by adding the following directive to your virtual host's or httpd.conf file:

    PassengerFriendlyErrorPages on


    To monitor an Apache error log, while refreshing the Redmine page...