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Mastering Redmine - Second Edition

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Mastering Redmine - Second Edition


Overview of this book

Redmine is not only one of the popular open source project management applications but also one of the best project hosting and issue tracking solutions. This book is an update of our previous successful edition, Mastering Redmine. This book is a comprehensive guide that will give you a detailed practical understanding on how to effectively manage, monitor and administer complex projects using Redmine. You will get familiar with the concept of Issue Tracking and will get to know why and what makes Redmine one of the best issue trackers. Another main part of Redmine functionality, which is Managing projects shows why this is one of the best applications for project hosting. Furthermore, you will learn more about Redmine rich text formatting syntax, access control and workflow and time Tracking. Towards the end, you will unleash the power of custom fields and guides to show how to customize Redmine without breaking upgrade compatibility. By the end of the book, you will have a deep practical understanding on how to effectively monitor and manage large scale and complex projects using Redmine.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
Mastering Redmine Second Edition
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Quick Syntax Reference

A review of some themes

Now let's review some of the most beautiful themes for Redmine (in my personal opinion).

Remember, however, that by selecting a theme, you actually choose which existing site you want your Redmine to look like. Public themes, especially nice-looking ones, are used widely and often. So, if you can afford it, order a unique theme for your website.

The Basecamp theme

The Basecamp theme was created by Peter Theill. It is a port of 37signals' Basecamp theme for Redmine:


This theme can be downloaded from

The Modula Mojito theme

This theme was originally authored by Eero Louhenperä from Modula.


Later, the maintenance of this theme was taken over by Steven Jones from Computer minds, so now it can be found at Unfortunately, it has not been updated for a long time (3 years).

The A1 theme

This theme was created by Kirill Bezrukov. It is based on Ronin's theme (a time tracking application...