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Exploring Experience Design

By : Ezra Schwartz
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Exploring Experience Design

By: Ezra Schwartz

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We live in an experience economy in which interaction with products is valued more than owning them. Products are expected to engage and delight in order to form the emotional bonds that forge long-term customer loyalty: Products need to anticipate our needs and perform tasks for us: refrigerators order food, homes monitor energy, and cars drive autonomously; they track our vitals, sleep, location, finances, interactions, and content use; recognize our biometric signatures, chat with us, understand and motivate us. Beautiful and easy to use, products have to be fully customizable to match our personal preferences. Accomplishing these feats is easier said than done, but a solution has emerged in the form of Experience design (XD), the unifying approach to fusing business, technology and design around a user-centered philosophy. This book explores key dimensions of XD: Close collaboration among interdisciplinary teams, rapid iteration and ongoing user validation. We cover the processes, methodologies, tools, techniques and best-practices practitioners use throughout the entire product development life-cycle, as ideas are transformed to into positive experiences which lead to perpetual customer engagement and brand loyalty.
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Many of my colleagues, family, and friends have contributed directly or indirectly to this book--I wish I could mention you all. I would like to extend my special thanks to Ruth and Doron Blatt, Mary Burton, Ritch Macefield, Marci Campbell, Dino Eliopulos, Julia and Eitan Gauchman, Hedva Golan, Jim Carleton, Caroline Harney, Christine and Scott Marriott, Ayelet and Alon Fishbach, Galila Spharim, and Yigal Bronner, for their support and encouragement over the years.

I would like to acknowledge the remarkable fellow practitioners who responded so generously to my request to share their personal journeys in Chapter 7, The Design Team--Marlys Caceres, Eddie Chen, Dino Eliopulos, Jay Kaufmann, Ritch Macefield, Saikat Mandal, Christine Marriott, Ross Riechardt, Derik Schneider, Ginger Shepard, Courtney Skulley, Ken Stern, John Tinman, and Richard Tsai.

Kudos to my friends and colleagues at TandemSeven who provided numerous opportunities to engage in insightful conversations on various topics covered in the book and beyond.

To my wife Orit, who helped me shape many rough ideas, for her insights, expert contribution to Chapter 5Experience - Perception, Emotions, and Cognition and thoughtful edits of the final draft.

I am grateful to Scott Faranello and Oz Chen who reviewed early drafts of this book; Ran Liron, for his detailed, honest, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and generous comments; and Marlys Caceres for her assistance with images.

Last but not least, I want to thank the people who are behind the scenes of this book--the editors and staff at Packt Publishing, and especially Reshma Raman, Mohammed Yusuf Imaratwale, Murtaza Tinwala, Ashwin Nair, and Narendrakumar Tripathi for their patience and continuous encouragement throughout this project.