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Exploring Experience Design

By : Ezra Schwartz
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Exploring Experience Design

By: Ezra Schwartz

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We live in an experience economy in which interaction with products is valued more than owning them. Products are expected to engage and delight in order to form the emotional bonds that forge long-term customer loyalty: Products need to anticipate our needs and perform tasks for us: refrigerators order food, homes monitor energy, and cars drive autonomously; they track our vitals, sleep, location, finances, interactions, and content use; recognize our biometric signatures, chat with us, understand and motivate us. Beautiful and easy to use, products have to be fully customizable to match our personal preferences. Accomplishing these feats is easier said than done, but a solution has emerged in the form of Experience design (XD), the unifying approach to fusing business, technology and design around a user-centered philosophy. This book explores key dimensions of XD: Close collaboration among interdisciplinary teams, rapid iteration and ongoing user validation. We cover the processes, methodologies, tools, techniques and best-practices practitioners use throughout the entire product development life-cycle, as ideas are transformed to into positive experiences which lead to perpetual customer engagement and brand loyalty.
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Oz Chen is an experience designer who works with start-ups and companies with a mission to create a social impact. In 2013, he founded UXBEGINNER.COM ( to help students transition into the field of user experience design. When he's not designing for clients, publishing content, or mentoring designers, Oz loves to travel, practice Spanish, and attend life-changing festivals.

To my mom, my benevolent creator, thank you, with deep love.



Scott Faranello is a usability expert with over 15 years of experience in product design, web production, product strategy, and quantitative measuring of user behavior. Having worked closely with a wide and diverse array of clients and teams over the years, he has focused on delivering valuable and predictable outcomes that satisfy both end users and business goals. Scott is the author of two books published by Packt: Practical UX Design and Balsamiq Wireframes Quickstart Guide. He currently resides in CT with his wife and two boys.



Ran Liron is a veteran UX leader, operating in Israel. He has more than 20 years of hands-on experience, balancing considerations of users' needs, technical limitations, and business objectives. Ran has planned and executed a wide variety of projects for all types of clients and markets, including large international corporations and start-ups, such as B2B and B2C, finance, cyber-security, government, military, e-commerce, IT, telecom, insurance, health, education, social networks, and advertising. Ran is very passionate about evangelizing UX best practice and methodology, in organizations he had worked for, in the IT community, and as a mentor in Google's Launchpad for start-ups.