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The Successful Software Manager

By : Herman Fung
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The Successful Software Manager

By: Herman Fung

Overview of this book

The Successful Software Manager is a comprehensive and practical guide to managing software developers, software customers, and the process of deciding what software needs to be built. It explains in detail how to develop a management mindset, lead a high-performing developer team, and meet all the expectations of a good manager. The book will help you whether you’ve chosen to pursue a career in management or have been asked to "act up" as a manager. Whether you’re a Development Manager, Product Manager, Team Leader, Solution Architect, or IT Director, this is your indispensable guide to all aspects of running your team and working within an organization and dealing with colleagues, customers, potential customers, and technologists, to ensure you build the product your organization needs. This book is the must-have authoritative guide to managing projects, managing people, and preparing yourself to be an effective manager. The intuitive real-life examples will act as a desk companion for any day-to-day challenge, and beyond that, Herman will show you how to prepare for the next stages and how to achieve career success.
Table of Contents (21 chapters)
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Agile, Waterfall, and Everything in Between

Now that your team has reached a consensus on the design of your product, and your project sponsor has signed off on the business case, you need to start building and shipping!

Across the previous chapters, we've discussed various project methodologies, such as Agile and Waterfall, and we've established that you and your team can choose, adapt, and apply these methodologies to your projects. We also talked about the skills you need to learn as a manager to work with these methodologies.

Now, fast-forward to this chapter, and you are getting ready to start building your product. Therefore, it's the perfect time to summarize and re-contextualize these methodologies into practical actions that you can take to keep the build focused.

In this chapter, we will be focusing on the following project methodologies:

  • PRINCE2 (PRojects...