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Design Better and Build Your Brand in Canva

By : Laura Goodsell
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Design Better and Build Your Brand in Canva

By: Laura Goodsell

Overview of this book

If you're constantly frustrated by how long it takes to create a design in Canva, then you've come to the right place. This book will get you up and running quickly with creating professional branded graphics in Canva. You’ll learn how to set up a Canva account, both free and pro and create a brand kit while understanding the importance of branding. Next, you’ll discover all the features and tools as well as how to put everything together to build a brand you love and graphics that work for your business. As you progress, the chapters will show you how to organize your account, create presentations, use videos and animation within your marketing materials and more. By the end of this book, you’ll have a solid understanding of what Canva is and what it does and be able to confidently and easily create a branded design from scratch.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
Part 1: Getting Started, Templates, and Features
Part 2: Creating Your Brand and Design Tips
Part 3: Let’s Get Creating

Resizing your designs

Being able to resize a design means staying consistent across all social channels, your website, posters, and adverts – in fact, any materials within your business.

Canva has provided the magic Resize tool, which is a Pro feature, and very much worth having Pro for. At the click of a button, you have your design in any other template size, as shown in the following example:

Figure 4.14 – The magic Resize drop-down feature

Figure 4.14 – The magic Resize drop-down feature

The Resize button is on the top blue bar. You can search for the type of template, add in your own custom dimensions, or scroll through the options, then click either Copy & resize, which will keep your original, or Resize, and it will change the size of your current design.

Depending on the template type you choose, you will need to adjust your design elements, text, and images to fit, as the Resize tool only changes the template size, not the information on it.

All of the features we...