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Effective Platform Product Management

By : Tabassum Memon
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Effective Platform Product Management

By: Tabassum Memon

Overview of this book

Scaling a platform is a lot different than scaling a product. This is why product managers developing or transitioning to a platform model are often facing completely new challenges – both technical and strategic. But if you want to build the next Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, or a completely new type of platform, then you need to adopt a platform-first approach to change how you invent, develop, and market solutions. This is where Effective Product Platform Management comes in. This book addresses product management as a critical pillar of platform development. It'll help you understand the difference between traditional and modern product management for platforms and even decide whether the platform business model is the way to go for you. As you progress, you’ll be able to build the right platform strategy, define the MVP, and focus on ongoing backlog prioritization for successful platforms. This book will also walk you through the practical steps and guidelines that can ease your organization’s transition from linear products to platforms. By the end of this platform product management book, you’ll have learned the essential aspects of product management for building successful and scalable platforms. You’ll also have a clear understanding of the next steps you need to take to perfect and execute your new platform strategy – and take on the world.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
Section 1: Building the Right Strategy for the Platform Business Model
Section 2: Building the Platform
Section 3: Measuring the Performance of the Platform


In the last few years, platform business models have revolutionized various industries, such as retail, media, and travel. With the rise of platforms and increased use of technology, consumers nowadays want multiple options available digitally. They like to search, explore, compare, and choose between different options within a single uninterrupted user experience. Providing such an experience is difficult and indeed almost impossible using linear models. Hence, more and more businesses will have to adapt the platform-first approach. There is a shift needed at all levels and in every function of an organization. Right from strategy to execution, everyone will have to adopt the platform way of thinking.

Some organizations have already started moving in this direction. Executives have begun realizing the need and benefits of the platform. However, the challenge is building the right platform strategy and the execution of that strategy. One function of the organization that is most important in creating this strategy and helping in its execution is product management. Ironically, this is one function that is far from grasping the importance of platforms and of building the right strategy for them. Product managers still think in terms of linear products and forget to build the strategy and roadmaps that cater to the platform's needs.

This book will address this critical pillar of platform development, that is, product management. It will cover the difference between traditional product management and product management for platforms while explaining the importance and benefits of the platform. It will help and guide business executives and product managers in building the right platform strategy, defining the MVP, and ongoing prioritization. This book will also cover the steps and guidelines for organizations and especially product managers when transitioning from linear products to platforms. It will help them in the journey of this transformation. This book will answer all the essential questions of product management for building successful and scalable platforms.