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Filmora Efficient Editing

By : Alexander Zacharias
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Filmora Efficient Editing

By: Alexander Zacharias

Overview of this book

Whether you want to create short films, YouTube videos, music videos, or videos for any social event, Filmora is a powerful, innovative, and user-friendly video editing software that you can use for all this and much more! Filmora Efficient Editing is a comprehensive introduction for those who are new to video editing as well as those looking to transition to Filmora. The book starts by helping you develop an understanding of video editing and Filmora’s interface and gradually takes you through adding sources and exporting your first project. Next, you’ll learn how to make your videos engaging and fun using audio, personalization, the split-screen function, and Chroma keys. You’ll understand how to plan as well as create your videos using Filmora from scratch. With simplified concepts, steps, and real-world editing examples, this book covers applications such as YouTube, animated intros, professional marketing videos, and industry-standard tips. By the end of this video editing book, you’ll have learned how to use Filmora's powerful tools and functionality to create high-quality and professional videos from scratch.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
Part 1: Your First Steps in Video Editing!
Part 2: Making Videos Engaging, Interesting, and FUN!
Part 3: Advanced Step-by-Step Examples

Titles – words are powerful

If there is one thing that is always present in a video except for the video clips and sound, it is text appearing in it. From advertisements to movies and cartoons, they all include text, if only for the end credits. So, let’s get started with using titles:

  1. To access our titles, we have to, as always, check the top of our Media panel, and then click the Titles library button, which will then show us all the available titles we can use:
Figure 5.8: Title presets and animation

Figure 5.8: Title presets and animation

Titles are extremely easy to use, just like any other type of media we’ve learned. We start by selecting one and dragging it onto our timeline. Make sure when adding it to your timeline that you add it on a new video track above the rest.

  1. Now, once added to our timeline, the title will say Lorem Ipsum; obviously, that’s not ideal, so to change it, we first have to click on the Edit button that we’ve...