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Filmora Efficient Editing

By : Alexander Zacharias
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Filmora Efficient Editing

By: Alexander Zacharias

Overview of this book

Whether you want to create short films, YouTube videos, music videos, or videos for any social event, Filmora is a powerful, innovative, and user-friendly video editing software that you can use for all this and much more! Filmora Efficient Editing is a comprehensive introduction for those who are new to video editing as well as those looking to transition to Filmora. The book starts by helping you develop an understanding of video editing and Filmora’s interface and gradually takes you through adding sources and exporting your first project. Next, you’ll learn how to make your videos engaging and fun using audio, personalization, the split-screen function, and Chroma keys. You’ll understand how to plan as well as create your videos using Filmora from scratch. With simplified concepts, steps, and real-world editing examples, this book covers applications such as YouTube, animated intros, professional marketing videos, and industry-standard tips. By the end of this video editing book, you’ll have learned how to use Filmora's powerful tools and functionality to create high-quality and professional videos from scratch.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
Part 1: Your First Steps in Video Editing!
Part 2: Making Videos Engaging, Interesting, and FUN!
Part 3: Advanced Step-by-Step Examples

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Introduction to Video Editing and Filmora, This chapter covers the very basics of video editing and explains how Filmora will help us create videos throughout the book.

Chapter 2, Navigating Filmora’s Interface, Once we have learned about video editing and why Filmora is a great tool to start with, we will dive straight in to learning the interface and getting to know a lot of the basic tools we will be using throughout this book.

Chapter 3, Adding Our Source Material, Using the Timeline, and Creating Our First Project, This is the chapter where we will start getting hands-on with the software and start our very first project using media files offered by Filmora.

Chapter 4, Audio- Changing Your Video’s Feel!, Audio is one of the most important features of any video. In this chapter, we will go through all the properties that we can adjust for our audio in Filmora to make our videos sound as good as they look!

Chapter 5, Making Videos FUN – Effects, Elements, Transitions, and Titles, Chapter 5 is one of the most important chapters as we will go through the Effects, Elements and Transitions that Filmora offers, and will look at how to manipulate text with Filmora’s Titles.

Chapter 6, Cinematic Videos and Movie Magic – Split Screens, Chroma Keys, and More, A chapter that is sure to excite many aspiring video editors, we will take a look at features such as Split Screens and Chroma keys that will make out videos look both professional and astonishing.

Chapter 7, Making Filmora Work for Us – Using AI, AI capabilities have skyrocketed in the last decade, so much so that we now use AI to help us with our work and hobbies. Filmora’s AI is extremely powerful, and we’ll see how to use it to make our work easier and less tedious.

Chapter 8, Filmora Filmstock – A Treasure Chest of Assets, Learning where to find high-quality assets to use in our videos is an extremely important skill. For us, that’ll be Filmora Filmstock, a place where you can download premium and free assets directly into Filmora with just a click of a button.

Chapter 9, Creating an Animated Intro From Scratch, This is where we will create an animated intro to use in all our videos and any other projects we create throughout this book.

Chapter 10, Making a Gaming Video, You can’t learn video editing without at least trying to create a gaming video. That’s why this book dedicates an entire chapter to this art form.

Chapter 11, Creating a Promotional Video for an Event, Chapter 11 is where we will create a video to promote a fake event of our own choosing, using a lot of the tools we have already learned throughout this book.

Chapter 12, Career Roles- What You Can Do With This Newfound Knowledge, An important part of learning any skill is knowing how to expand your opportunities, and that is why in the last chapter of our book, we will learn about some opportunities that you may be interested in pursuing.

The Appendix will provide you with a small recap at the end of the book, pointing out the most important things to keep in mind going forward, along with some motivation.