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The Music Producer's Creative Guide to Ableton Live 11

By : Anna Lakatos
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The Music Producer's Creative Guide to Ableton Live 11

By: Anna Lakatos

Overview of this book

The Music Producer's Guide to Ableton Live will help you sharpen your production skills and gain a deeper understanding of the Live workflow. If you are a music maker working with other digital audios workstations (DAWs) or experienced in Ableton Live, perhaps earlier versions, you’ll be able to put your newfound knowledge to use right away with this book. You’ll start with some basic features and workflows that are more suitable for producers from another DAW looking to transfer their skills to Ableton Live 11.2. As you explore the Live concept, you’ll learn to create expressive music using Groove and MIDI effects and demystify Live 11’s new workflow improvements, such as Note Chance and Velocity Randomization. The book then introduces the Scale Mode, MIDI Transform tools, and other key features that can make composition and coming up with melodic elements easier than ever before. It will also guide you in implementing Live 11's new and updated effects into your current workflow. By the end of this Ableton Live book, you’ll be able to implement advanced production and workflow techniques and amplify live performance capabilities with what the Live 11 workflow has to offer.
Table of Contents (23 chapters)
Part 1: The Live Concept and Workflow
Part 2: Creative Music Production Techniques with Ableton Live 11
Part 3: Deep Dive into Ableton Live

Follow Action

Follow Action allows us to assign an automated action to clips – for example, telling one clip to trigger another one, to repeat itself after its playback, or to stop, to name a few possibilities.

This can be used in multiple ways – for example, you can use this to play one backing track after another on stage, or create a randomized sequence of clips that trigger each other and record this generated sequence in the studio.

With Live 11, now you can also apply Follow Action to Scenes too! The Follow Action feature is only available in the Session View.

Let’s try it out!

In this example, we are going to work with a bunch of one-shot guitar clips and create an automated sequence with Follow Action:

  1. Open the Chapter 13 project.
  2. Head to and solo the track called FOLLOW ACTION.

For this to work, we will need to create a selection of clips – a group of selected clips! (We can have multiple groups of clips set up with...