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Engineering Manager's Handbook

By : Morgan Evans
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Engineering Manager's Handbook

By: Morgan Evans

Overview of this book

Delightful and customer-centric digital products have become an expectation in the world of business. Engineering managers are uniquely positioned to impact the success of these products and the software systems that power them. Skillful managers guide their teams and companies to develop functional and maintainable systems. This book helps you find your footing as an engineering manager, develop your leadership style, balance your time between engineering and managing, build successful engineering teams in different settings, and work within constraints without sacrificing technical standards or team empathy. You’ll learn practical techniques for establishing trust, developing beneficial habits, and creating a cohesive and high-performing engineering team. You’ll discover effective strategies to guide and contribute to your team’s efforts, facilitating productivity and collaboration. By the end of this book, you’ll have the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive as an engineering manager. Whether you’re just starting out in your role or seeking to enhance your leadership capabilities, this handbook will empower you to make a lasting impact and drive success in your organization.
Table of Contents (24 chapters)
Part 1: The Case for Engineering Management
Part 2: Engineering
Part 3: Managing
Part 4: Transitioning
Part 5: Long-Term Strategies

Part 1: The Case for Engineering Management

In this part, you will get an overview of what comprises the engineering manager role and why the work they do matters. You will learn about different approaches to engineering management and how to choose the right approach for your workplace. Finally, you will learn some common ways that engineering management can fail to produce the desired outcomes and how you can avoid those failures.

This part has the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, An Introduction to Engineering Management
  • Chapter 2, Engineering Leadership Styles
  • Chapter 3, Common Failure Modes for New Engineering Managers