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Inkscape by Example

By : István Szép
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Inkscape by Example

By: István Szép

Overview of this book

Growing into its final form after years of development, Inkscape now rivals industry leaders like Illustrator and CorelDraw – this versatile free vector graphics editor program has all the capabilities of paid software and is ready for professional use. While there are plenty of resources for beginners, this book will enable you to uncover the full potential of the tool through sample projects and tutorials. With Inkscape by Example, you’ll understand how this one-stop solution helps vector designers meet all their requirements. Starting with an introduction to the new tools and features of Inkscape 1.0, you’ll master the software by working through a chain of real-world projects. The book will guide you through creating an icon set and understanding modularity in vector design. As you advance, you’ll draw a detailed illustration every client is looking for and learn about photo editing and creating a logo in Inkscape, combining all of these into one single web design project. Finally, you’ll discover tips for working faster with SVG and XML and using Inkscape with other free tools to reach maximum workflow and creativity. By the end of this Inkscape book, you’ll have developed the skills to create your own solutions for any project confidently.
Table of Contents (12 chapters)


As this ebook edition doesn't have fixed pagination, the page numbers below are hyperlinked for reference only, based on the printed edition of this book.


3D meshes 171


Access control icon

creating 49, 50


Bend effect 177-180

Bezier tool 52, 68, 71, 76, 97

Big data

small icon, creating for 50, 51

Blender 169

combining, with Inkscape 169

Boolean operators 9

business card, designing 7

card, exporting 14, 15

colors, setting 12, 13

elements, grouping 14, 15

gradients, setting 12, 13

rectangle, creating 7

rectangle size, setting 7

shapes, creating 9

shapes, creating with Boolean operations 9, 10

shapes, creating with Path editor tool 12

text, adding 7, 8


Call To Action (CTA) button 126

cards 126


first character, drawing 68-72

second character, drawing 74-78

third character, drawing 78-82

clipping 103


clipping 113-115