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LaTeX Graphics with TikZ

By : Stefan Kottwitz
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LaTeX Graphics with TikZ

5 (3)
By: Stefan Kottwitz

Overview of this book

In this first-of-its-kind TikZ book, you’ll embark on a journey to discover the fascinating realm of TikZ—what it’s about, the philosophy behind it, and what sets it apart from other graphics libraries. From installation procedures to the intricacies of its syntax, this comprehensive guide will help you use TikZ to create flawless graphics to captivate your audience in theses, articles, or books. You’ll learn all the details starting with drawing nodes, edges, and arrows and arranging them with perfect alignment. As you explore advanced features, you’ll gain proficiency in using colors and transparency for filling and shading, and clipping image parts. You’ll learn to define TikZ styles and work with coordinate calculations and transformations. That’s not all! You’ll work with layers, overlays, absolute positioning, and adding special decorations and take it a step further using add-on packages for drawing diagrams, charts, and plots. By the end of this TikZ book, you’ll have mastered the finer details of image creation, enabling you to achieve visually stunning graphics with great precision.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)

Playing and crafting

We can use TikZ for displaying or documenting games. Here are some example packages:

  • The logicpuzzle package can print puzzles such as Sudoku and Minesweeper
  • The JeuxCartes package can display playing cards, such as for Poker, Tarot, and Uno
  • The rubikcube package provides commands and macros for typesetting Rubik’s cube configurations, rotation sequences, and move notation
  • The havannah package prints diagrams of the board games Havannah and Hex

The internals of TikZ are often hidden within the package source code. Sometimes they are not really visible to the user because the packages provide their own syntax. Since we are learning TikZ, we pick two games where we use commands within TikZ; we will choose jigsaw puzzles and building with bricks, as you know from Lego.

Creating jigsaw puzzles

We all know jigsaw puzzles: a set of flat shapes are assembled until they form a picture such as a photo or drawing. The jigsaw package...