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Final Cut Pro Efficient Editing - Second Edition

By : Iain Anderson
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Final Cut Pro Efficient Editing - Second Edition

5 (1)
By: Iain Anderson

Overview of this book

Elevate your video editing skills with Final Cut Pro 10.7.1, the ultimate tool for efficient and professional editing, offering powerful new features to enhance your workflow and give your videos a stunning look. The second edition of this comprehensive guide covers exciting new features in FCP, teaching you how to streamline your workflow with customizable workspaces, shortcuts, and advanced trimming tools. Explore best-in-class titles and a comprehensive suite of visual effects in Final Cut Pro for dynamic videos, create a great-sounding mix with Final Cut Pro's audio tools, and utilize the magnetic timeline, multicam editing, and advanced color correction for every project. Whether you're creating content for social media, YouTube, or Hollywood, Final Cut Pro Efficient Editing, Second Edition is your ultimate guide to professional video editing. Get your copy today and take your video editing skills to the next level.
Table of Contents (23 chapters)
PART 1: Importing and Organizing
PART 2: Rough Cut to Fine Cut
PART 3: Finishing and Exporting

Who this book is for

Anyone who’d like to learn how to edit video in Final Cut Pro is welcome here. If you’re new to editing, terrific, and if you’re already familiar with FCP but want to master all the latest features, you’re welcome too.

What this book covers

Part 1: Importing and Organizing

Chapter 1, Quick Start: An Introduction to FCP

This chapter presents an overview of the workflow and an introduction to the book.

Chapter 2, Before the Edit: Production Tips

Learn about the technical details and on-set strategies.

Chapter 3, Bring It In: Importing Your Footage

We’ll consider different importing techniques and media management tips.

Chapter 4, Sort It Out: Reviewing and Keywording

Watch and tag your clips smartly.

Chapter 5, Choose Your Favorites: Selecting, Rating, and Searching

We’ll consider how to go about marking the best and worst clips, and finding them again.

Part 2: Rough Cut to Fine Cut

Chapter 6, Build the Spine of the Story: Quick Assembly

Create a project and assemble your media inside it.

Chapter 7, Cover It Up: Connections, Cutaways, and Storylines

We’ll explore connections, storylines, and other key Magnetic Timeline skills.

Chapter 8, Neaten the Edges: Trimming Techniques

Slip, slide, roll, and soften your edits.

Chapter 9, Consider Your Options: Multicam, Replacing, and Auditions

Switch one shot for another with clever workflows.

Chapter 10, Explore a Little: Compound Clips and Timeline Tricks

Learn some fancy workarounds and advanced techniques.

Part 3: Finishing and Exporting

Chapter 11, Play with Light: Color Correction and Grading

We’ll cover everything to do with exposure, saturation, contrast, and balance.

Chapter 12, Refine and Smooth: Video Properties and Effects

We’ll learn about scaling, cropping, animating, and changing video in all sorts of ways.

Chapter 13, Blend and Warp: Video Transitions and Retiming

This chapter covers creating a bridge between clips, and speed-ramping others.

Chapter 14, Boost the Signal: Audio Sweetening

Make the audio sound as good as the video looks.

Chapter 15, A Few Words: Titles and Generators

We’ll consider a few words about titles, backgrounds, and captions.

Chapter 16, You’re Done: Exporting Your Edit and Finishing Up

Export your video in a few different ways.

Appendix A, 360° Video Workflows

Explore how to make the most of immersive 360° footage, in any kind of timeline.

To get the most out of this book

Readers will need basic familiarity with using a Mac, and an installed copy of Final Cut Pro or the free trial. While you don’t need to have any editing experience to read this book, basic familiarity with the process will help. If you’re an experienced editor, remember what you know about the art of editing, but don’t be tied down by existing methods — Final Cut Pro takes a new approach and it’s best approached with an open mind.

It’s recommended that you have access to a camera or at least an iPhone so you can shoot your own footage, but it’s possible to work with stock footage too.

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The screenshots in this book are consistent with the public version of Final Cut Pro 10.7.1 as of March 2024, though you may notice minor visual differences depending on the version of macOS you are using. We intend to update this book for future releases of Final Cut Pro and macOS, but if you’re using newer software than is covered here, you may see some differences.

Conventions used

There are a number of text conventions used throughout this book.

Code in text: Indicates code words in text, database table names, folder names, filenames, file extensions, pathnames, dummy URLs, user input, and Twitter handles. Here is an example: “Name your workspace Audio.”

Bold: Indicates a new term, an important word, or words that you see onscreen. For example, words in menus or dialog boxes appear in the text like this. Here is an example: “Choose Match from the EQ menu or Match Audio from the Audio Enhancements menu.” Some terms which have a special meaning in Final Cut Pro, including Library, Event and Project, have also been capitalized to avoid confusion.

Capitalized Terms: The names of menus, tools, or buttons will always be capitalized — even when not in bold. For example, “Set your Library’s storage location."


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