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Workflow Automation with Microsoft Power Automate

By : Aaron Guilmette
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Workflow Automation with Microsoft Power Automate

By: Aaron Guilmette

Overview of this book

Microsoft Power Automate is a workflow automation solution included in Microsoft 365. This book explores the core concepts of workflow automation, such as working with connectors, triggers, and actions, along with their practical implementation in automating business tasks and simplifying digital processes to boost enterprise productivity.
Table of Contents (22 chapters)
Section 1 - What is Power Automate?
Section 2 - Basic Flow Concepts
Section 3 - Intermediate Flow Concepts
Section 4 - Administering the Power Automate Environment

Understanding Common Data Service

CDS can be thought of in similar terms to a database. It is comprised of data objects called entities. Compared to a database, entities can be described in terms of database tables. Whereas database tables have the concept of columns, the corresponding object in an entity is called an attribute.

CDS has a number of standard entities that cover a lot of usage scenarios. Some entities, such as activities, are multidimensional as well. There are standard entities in several groups or categories, as listed here:

Entity Type Example Entities Description
Customer Account, Contact, CustomerAddress Entities that are used for managing and referring to customer account information, such as individuals and addresses.
Activity Email, Task, Fax, PhoneCall, ActivityParty, ActivityPointer Entities that are used when users perform interactions or activities with customers, such as leaving phone messages or sending emails.
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