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Atlassian Confluence 5 Essentials

By : Stefan Kohler
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Atlassian Confluence 5 Essentials

By: Stefan Kohler

Overview of this book

Every idea, concept, and project needs documentation, which is traditionally kept in a variety of documents on different devices. Confluence 5 centralizes that documentation and provides it in one single location, available from almost any device and location. Atlassian Confluence 5 Essentials is a practical, hands-on guide explaining not only how to install and administrate Confluence, but also everything you need to create, share, and collaborate on your documentation. This book will give you everything you need to get started with Confluence. Before you can start creating content, Confluence needs to be available. That is exactly where we start with this book; installing Confluence. Through a number of clear, practical exercises you will go from installation and administration, to creating content and involving your teammates. This book will teach you how to quickly create compelling content. You will learn how to involve your teammates in the process, using the Confluence workbox and share features. You will learn how Confluence can be customized with regards to look and feel, extra functionality, and integration with other tools, so that there is nothing in your way when you want to introduce Confluence 5 within your organisation. If you need to develop better collaboration on mission critical projects, then this book is for you!
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Atlassian Confluence 5 Essentials
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In this chapter, we went from some basic means to change the appearance of your Confluence installation to an advanced, change-it-completely, approach. Adding your company's branding to Confluence can be done by uploading your logo and changing the color scheme.

You can also change which page your users see when they login; this can be the Confluence dashboard or a space home page with your company news and other important information. Users can specify their own preferences as well.

We also learned that Confluence comes with some bundled themes with different looks, feels, and features. If those themes don't completely get you the user experience you're looking for, an option is to change the stylesheet and decorators yourself.

In the next chapter, we are going to take a look at more advanced options like creating and using templates to give your documentation more structure and to help your users get started quickly.