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Photographic Rendering with V-Ray for SketchUp

By : Brian Bradley
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Photographic Rendering with V-Ray for SketchUp

By: Brian Bradley

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Photographic Rendering with V-Ray for SketchUp
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Sunlight is our key light

The place to start when working on any kind of lighting design is to decide exactly what will constitute the key light in the environment. This is the light that provides the main source of illumination for the render and is also, generally speaking, the main shadow casting light.

In a daylight setting, it doesn't take a lot of figuring to realize that our key light would most likely be the Sun. The question is, which of the available V-Ray light types should we be using as our Sun? This, I suppose, could seem like a silly question given that we have already highlighted the availability of the V-Ray Sun light type.

Well, V-Ray does offer other light types that could almost as easily be used as a sunlight in the scene. In V-Ray Version 2.0, we have the Omni, Rectangle, Spot, Dome, Sphere, and IES light types, which are all readily available at the click of a button in the VfS:Lights toolbar.

The beauty of these particular light objects is that they are free of the inherent...