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Mastering Manga Studio 5

By : Liz Staley
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Mastering Manga Studio 5

By: Liz Staley

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Time is something that almost every artist doesn't have enough of. If you're an illustrator or comic creator you know just how much time and effort it can take to produce one great page. But the features in Manga Studio 5 can make this process a lot more streamlined and give you more time to create! "Mastering Manga Studio 5" will teach you how to create more comics and illustrations in less time than you ever thought possible. By using the features of Manga Studio 5 like the Story Editor, Custom brushes, actions, materials, and 3D models, you'll learn how to make Manga Studio work for your style and workflow. Go from being a novice Manga Studio user to an expert using the tricks, techniques, and projects in this guide. Learn how to make and share custom tools, set up left- and right-handed workspaces, make custom materials, alter 3D models, and create custom actions. By putting together a custom story project and making your own tools, automating redundant processes, and converting an inked art into a traditional comic art, you'll learn all about the advanced features of Manga Studio 5. "Mastering Manga Studio 5" will teach you what you need to know to produce more work in less time.
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Mastering Manga Studio 5
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Inking isn't something that you absolutely have to do. If the style or tone of your illustration or comic calls for it, or if your penciling is very tight, you can even skip inking entirely. It's all up to you. Personally, I love to ink. For me, it's one of the most relaxing parts of my process and the part that starts to make it look finished. Perhaps that's because my penciling is usually quite rough and messy, and I fill in a lot of details during the inking process.

To start inking, I set my finished sketch layers to a blue line so that I can see the inks that I'm putting down. Then I create an inks layer within the Frame 1 folder, but below any text layers as shown in the following screenshot:

With the inks layer here, it will be affected by the Layer Mask on Frame 1 and so you won't end up with any of your finished lines outside of your panel border.

Now we can take a pen tool and begin to ink the pencil lines. I know that sometimes a lot of artists have trouble with inking, so...