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SketchBook Pro Digital Painting Essentials

By : Gil Robles
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SketchBook Pro Digital Painting Essentials

By: Gil Robles

Overview of this book

Sketchbook Pro is a professional grade painting app that is easy to use and which helps you create digital art that looks like paintings created using ink and color. Using Sketchbook Pro, you can transform your digital art into true masterpieces that resemble work done using traditional mediums. SketchBook Pro Digital Painting Essentials will show you how to transform your digital art into true masterpieces. This book will guide you through the many tools and options available in Sketchbook Pro such as the symmetry tool, layer editor, and blend modes to create images that look as though they were done by hand using traditional tools and mediums. This unique book offers inspiration with hands-on techniques and gives you an insight into a professional artist's mind. Starting with an overview of the program, this book will help you customize and set your preferences to help you produce the best possible images for use on the Web or for print. You will be able to look over the author's shoulder as he demonstrates the use of the tools to create artwork that looks like it was painted or inked. This book will then show you how you can draw basic illustrations and then how to create acrylic paintings. You will also learn about file saving options; which ones are best for what you intend to do with the artwork. The book will also show you how to export the images you've created to other software and will give you tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of Sketchbook Pro. SketchBook Pro Digital Painting Essentials will give you an extensive overview complete with supporting imagery of how each piece of art was made, and by the end of this book, you will have created multiple drawings using Sketchbook Pro.
Table of Contents (13 chapters)

Demo 1 – the Pen, Ink, and Airbrush tools

In the following demonstration, the Ink brush is employed to create a quick sketch of an elderly gentleman. The initial inspiration for this drawing was a sketch done of a fellow passenger while travelling on the New York City Subway. One of the goals of this demonstration will be to retain the immediacy of the original sketch. The completed pen and ink drawing can be seen in the following screenshot:

The next step is to add the color.

In the following image, the layer containing the line drawing was locked so that only the areas that are drawn will be affected. The lines were gone over with the Airbrush tool, changing the color in the areas, so that it would be closer to the local color in that area.

Another layer was created and placed underneath the line drawing. The figure was colored using a combination of the Airbrush and Paintbrush tools. Another layer was created for the background and placed underneath the other layers. The Split Hair Brush...