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Learning Anime Studio

By : Chad Troftgruben
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Learning Anime Studio

By: Chad Troftgruben

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Learning Anime Studio
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Creating and working with layers

Besides separating elements out in your project file, Anime Studio's layers can serve a host of different functions. Picking the appropriate layers for certain jobs is the key, which is why you will find each layer type detailed in the next sections. To add a layer at any time, click on the New Layer button on your Layers panel and choose the appropriate type from the list. Remember, you can only edit a layer if you've selected it from the Layers panel. Using the Layer Selector on the toolbar on the left-hand side will allow you to select any layer you see on the canvas; keep that in mind if that's your preferred method.

To follow along and gain a better understanding of layer types, please open the Anime Studio project file entitled LayerTypes.anme from your book's work files.

The Vector layers

Vectors are the most common type of layer found in Anime Studio. These layers serve a simple purpose, drawing. If you want to use the drawing tools in Anime Studio,...