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Learning Anime Studio

By : Chad Troftgruben
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Learning Anime Studio

By: Chad Troftgruben

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Learning Anime Studio
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Thinking about design

At this point, you probably have a basic idea of what you want your character(s) to look like. Every cartoonist has his/her own style that gives the overall cartoon a unique look. Think about your favorite cartoons for a moment and analyze how everything is constructed. John Kricfalusi's Ren & Stimpy combined exaggerated character movements with retro-painted backdrops. By adding in the realistic close-up shots, they showed that when something disturbing or gross is introduced, you will have a very interesting mix of elements coming into play.

Looking at more modern works, such as Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy and American Dad, you will notice that all of the characters have a distinct style that definitely carves its own identity. The characters seen in these shows typically have large round eyes, are viewed at a three-fourths angle, and contain exaggerated facial features (such as chins or foreheads). While Kricfalusi and MacFarlane's styles are miles apart, one...