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Learning Anime Studio

By : Chad Troftgruben
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Learning Anime Studio

By: Chad Troftgruben

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Learning Anime Studio
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Polishing up your scene

You may have noticed that when we test the Track Camera tool with our scene, certain elements such as the land pieces come up short, so to speak. In other words, we can see the edges of these pieces while panning, which may not work to our advantage if we want to have a long pan of the scenery. This is where you will want to go back and lengthen your elements if needed. You can do this by using the Transform Layer or the Transform Points tools. It may be necessary to build on manually, especially with assets such as the fence where you may need to add more posts. You may be able to copy and paste and mirror some elements to create a seamless effect as well. This is all part of the process, so plan accordingly!

Again, if you would like a reference file for this exercise, refer to the Anime Studio project file OutsideScenery.anme in the Chapter 06 folder.

The methods we applied here can be used for many types of scenery. Be sure to keep an open mind and play around with...