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Threat Modeling

By : Adam Shostack
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Threat Modeling

By: Adam Shostack

Overview of this book

As more software is delivered on the Internet or operates on Internet-connected devices, the design of secure software is critical. This book will give you the confidence to design secure software products and systems and test their designs against threats. This book is the only security book to be chosen as a Dr. Dobbs Jolt Award Finalist since Bruce Schneier?s Secrets and Lies and Applied Cryptography! The book starts with an introduction to threat modeling and focuses on the key new skills that you'll need to threat model and lays out a methodology that's designed for people who are new to threat modeling. Next, you?ll explore approaches to find threats and study the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. Moving ahead, you?ll manage threats and learn about the activities involved in threat modeling. You?ll also focus on threat modeling of specific technologies and find out tricky areas and learn to address them. Towards the end, you?ll shift your attention to the future of threat modeling and its approaches in your organization. By the end of this book, you?ll be able to use threat modeling in the security development lifecycle and in the overall software and systems design processes.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
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  • Curiosity
  • Experimentation
Skill and Education
  • Quintessential script kiddie
  • Freshman in computer science
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  • Depends on “publicly” available tools and applications
  • Does not contribute to others; is a “lurker”
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  • Curiosity

Background, Experience, and Education

  • Most common type of attacker; frequently participates in DDoS attacks
  • Has played with computers for years; is the computer “expert” for his family and friends
  • Frequently plays computer games
  • Very little programming experience, restricted to scripting websites
  • Has “no clue” regarding details of the attacks he launches, but he is persistent and has the time. He'll try anything without regard for the consequences (e.g., run attacks meant for Windows...