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The Cloud Adoption Playbook

By : Moe Abdula, Ingo Averdunk, Roland Barcia, Kyle Brown, Ndu Emuchay
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The Cloud Adoption Playbook

By: Moe Abdula, Ingo Averdunk, Roland Barcia, Kyle Brown, Ndu Emuchay

Overview of this book

As cloud technologies continue to challenge the fundamental understanding of how businesses work, smart companies are moving quickly to adapt to a changing set of rules. Adopting the cloud requires a clear roadmap backed by use cases, grounded in practical real-world experience, to show the routes to successful adoption. The Cloud Adoption Playbook helps business and technology leaders in enterprise organizations sort through the options and make the best choices for accelerating cloud adoption and digital transformation. Written by a team of IBM technical executives with a wealth of real-world client experience, this book cuts through the hype, answers your questions, and helps you tailor your cloud adoption and digital transformation journey to the needs of your organization.
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Starting Development

We recommend that teams establish a pattern of iterations lasting about one week. We have found that a week is the right length of time for an iteration; it allows a team to accomplish enough to show tangible results, but it does not let the team get too far in the wrong direction before receiving feedback from sponsor users, who let the team know whether a pivot is needed.

Each iteration begins with an iteration planning meeting. In that meeting, the squad lead and product owner make sure that everyone understands the user stories, and the developers perform implementation estimates on each story. The focus is not on the entire backlog, but on the stories that can be implemented within the week. As a result of estimates and feedback gathered from stakeholders and sponsor users, the product manager frequently changes user stories and prioritization of the story backlog. He has full control of what gets developed and can make changes whenever he wants, even in the...