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Implementing Samba 4

By : Marcelo Leal
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Implementing Samba 4

By: Marcelo Leal

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Implementing Samba 4
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Chapter 2. Provisioning Samba 4 as an AD Domain Controller

In this chapter, the user will learn about the basic tasks that are required to get a proper Samba 4 Active Directory configured as the Domain Controller for the network. We will cover the following topics in this chapter:

  • The minimal planning needed to deploy a Samba 4 Active Directory as the Domain Controller (for example, domain, network topology/addresses, and services required) as well as the basic concepts involved in the Domain Controller service configuration.

  • The network topology with which we will work through our example configuration in the book, with basic planning techniques and checklists to show the user how to prepare and have at hand all the information needed for the provisioning setup of Samba 4 at hand.

  • The deployment of the Samba 4 Server and the services needed for a proper Samba 4 configuration through explicit command-line examples.

  • Other important aspects of any Active Directory Domain Controller network services...