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Implementing Samba 4

By : Marcelo Leal
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Implementing Samba 4

By: Marcelo Leal

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Implementing Samba 4
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Understanding the possible roles of the Samba 4 Server on the network

When we are planning to implement a Samba 4 Server, one point to have in mind is to determine the role that this new server will play on our network. Samba 4 has many server roles, and these roles are tied to one of these two options:

  • The NT4-like domain operation mode from Samba 3

  • The Active Directory Services mode from new Samba 4

Looking at the documentation of the Samba 4 software, we can have a detailed explanation of each role, and we will briefly describe it in the following list:

  • Auto: This is the default, and if we use this option (server role = auto) at the command-line tool (for example, samba-tool), we are actually telling Samba to follow the configuration specified on the security setting of the smb.conf file (for example, /usr/local/samba/etc/smb.conf).

  • Standalone: This is an operation mode that can be selected in the following two ways:

    • Explicitly using server role = standalone on the command line

    • Leaving server...